Known Issues (Woo-qTX)

for plugin “Woocommerce & qTranslate-X

# Custom Product Attributes (which are entered directly on product edit page /wp-admin/post.php?post=xxx&action=edit) have to be entered in raw multilingual text, with values like [:en]EN Val1[:de]DE Val1[:] | [:en]EN Val2[:de]DE Val2[:], leaving separator ‘|’ outside of language tags. This piece has not yet been integrated on admin side, but once all is entered in raw multilingual format, it should work well at front end. Delete and freshly re-create an attribute, if it was created before installing this plugin and/or it misbehaves.

# Woocommerce caches mini cart texts already translated and then it does not change on language switching during the same session until another product is added to the cart, which causes mini cart to get re-cached. Usually, it is not a problem, since users normally do not switch language during one shopping session. However, it may appear very confusing during the testing.

# Product Attribute values are shown in admin language and do not respond to LSB. This is a convenience feature, which needs more work to be integrated, but otherwise it is functional and usable.

# If values in dropdown menu for Custom Product Attributes has suddenly disappeared, then you have probably edited the name of that attribute. Now, you have to delete that attribute, save product, add it back again, save product, and then re-save corresponding variations. Dropdown menu will re-appear. Unfortunately, editing the name of custom Product Attribute breaks its usage. When it is created, an underlying internal slug is auto-generated. When you edit the name, name get updated, but slug stays the same. However, down the road woocommerce compares old slug to the one auto-generated from new value of name. They do not match, which causes a broken dropdown menu. When you re-create the attribute freshly, name and slug get in sync again.

# Admin e-mails sent by pressing one of the buttons in column ‘Actions’ on order list page, /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=shop_order, go in the original customer language used to submit the order. However, same e-mails sent using the “Resend order emails” option in order editor page, /wp-admin/post.php?post=nnn&action=edit, go in the mixed language of admin and customer. As a workaround, you can switch the admin language to the customer language before resending an e-mail (which shouldn’t happen too often).

# Use raw multilingual format with language tags [:en]...[:] or {:en}...{:} in any regular field, which you wish to be multilingual. It most likely will be translated at front end appropriately. Report the field at GitHub, if you found one that does not get translated at front end. Already known fields are, for example, all fields in “Variable Product/Variations” section.

You may wish to also review FAQ, which may partially overlap with this list of Known Issues.


Formerly Known Issues

[Resolved in ver. 1.2] HTML header title on admin page /wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=xxx&post_type=product displays raw multilingual values.
[Resolved in ver. 1.2] Two buttons, “Add New XXX” and “Search XXX”, on attribute editor page, /wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=xxx&post_type=product, are displayed with raw multilingual text. This should be fixed with a later release.


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