Frequently Asked Questions (Woo-qTX)

for plugin “Woocommerce & qTranslate-X

# How do I open a page with configuration options?

Plugin does not have any configuration options, simply activate it and it will enable the translation of relevant fields for WooCommerce back- and front-end.


# Product attributes do not show up at front end

Product Attribute may need to be re-saved (page /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=product&page=product_attributes&edit=xxx) if they were created before installing this plugin: [WP Topic].


# Are Custom Product Attributes Multilingual?

Custom Product Attributes (which are entered directly on product edit page /wp-admin/post.php?post=xxx&action=edit) have to be entered in raw multilingual text, with values like [:en]EN Val1[:de]DE Val1[:] | [:en]EN Val2[:de]DE Val2[:], leaving separator ‘|’ outside of language tags. This piece has not yet been integrated on admin side, but once all is entered in raw multilingual format, it should work well at front end. Delete and freshly re-create an attribute, if it was created before installing this plugin and/or it misbehaves.


# Why shopping cart or mini-cart does not change (or partially change) language after I switched the active language at front end?

Woocommerce caches many text strings already translated to speed up cart viewing and then those strings do not change on language switching during the same session until another product is added to the cart or cart is emptied. Usually, it is not a problem, since users normally do not switch language during one shopping session. However, it may appear very confusing during testing. One should test the whole shopping session under the same language. Make sure to empty cart when starting testing under a different language.


# Why do I get broken permalink for product?

Many people find product permalinks broken, for example, instead of expected “/product/myproduct”, it generates “produkt/myproduct”. Word “product” gets translated somewhere and then permalink does not work. In order to offset the default broken behavior, you have to set one of the custom “Product Permalinks” on page Settings/Permalinks (/wp-admin/options-permalink.php). If you choose “Default” for “Product Permalinks” then it is broken as described. Any non-default value works. But you may still use the default way, if you enter it in the field “Custom Base” as “/product”, and then it works. The same with “Product category base” and “Product tag base” on page /wp-admin/options-permalink.php. They suggest that if those fields left blank, then the defaults are “product-category” and “product-tag”, but those do not work for the same reason: word “product” gets translated and then it is broken. But if you type-in the same default values into the fields, then it works.


# I submitted a question on support forum, but the authors did not respond?

This plugin is not supported by the authors on the WordPress forum due to its simplicity. If you find a field which is not translatable, follow the pattern how it is done in the code for other fields, and make it translatable. Then submit a pull request at GitHub to enable your changes for everyone else.

You may wish to also review the list of Known Issues, which may partially overlap with this list of FAQ.