Options “Convert Database”

As of version 3.1, qTranslate-X includes a new method to separate languages in the localized values, referred as “square-bracket-only encoding”, as opposite to dual-style encoding legacy qTranslate format. Every newly saved localized value will use it by default. Preexistent, previously localized values will continue to be correctly handled even if they do not use this new method. They will be converted one by one if they are modified in the future.

Set of options “Convert Database” allows to convert the majority of the database values between the new square-bracket-only format and legacy dual-style encoding format.

Below is the list of database fields affected (in format ‘table.field’):

  • posts.post_title
  • posts.post_content
  • posts.post_excerpt
  • options.option_value
  • postmeta.meta_value (as of version 3.2)

Custom values of 3rd party plugins stored in non-standard places are not converted by this procedures, but manual adjustments will work fine.

Running this tool on very large databases may not work as PHP execution time limit might prevent the process to complete. It may help to run the same procedure multiple times, since the part which is already done will be passed quicker. If you still need to run it and it could not finish within PHP time limit, contact the authors for help.


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