Known Issues

Below is the list of bug-like problems, which need to be fixed at high enough priority, or to be aware of.

You may also wish to review the list of known currently not yet integrated plugins, as well as the list of the new desirable features.

Please, understand that qTranslate-X is driven by a community of its users. Do not hesitate to choose a problem, to solve it and to submit a pull request at GitHub.

  • Turn on option “Compatibility Functions”, for any theme or plugin, which claims its compatibility with former qTranslate.
  • Option “Hide URL language information for default language” breaks Pre-Domain Language Modification Mode: [WP Topic].
  • Customize admin screen stopped working under WP 4.3, when qTranslate-X is active.
  • Empty menu item title messes up menu structure: Issue #255.
  • If other plugin installs a custom TinyMCE editor on a translatable field served by qTranslate-X, then all kind of problems start to happen. Please, review the list of known incompatible plugins. We are looking into possibilities to enable integration with those plugins. Workaround since 3.3: use ‘Single Language Mode’ or do not switch language during editing session, read release notes for more information.
  • Title of the site on admin pages is not displaying correctly. [WP topic]
  • Message “The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below” appears sometimes in the post editor. Clicking on “Restore the backup” may produce unexpected result, since backup has one language only, the one which was active at the time of the last pressing of button “Update”. The code which causes this is in /wp-includes/js/autosave.js. Autosave script is currently turned off to avoid this confusion.
  • Search in Category/Tags editor works in default language only.
  • If field “Alternative Text” on page “Edit Media” is left empty, then caption or title will be used untranslated in ‘alt’ attribute of image display. There is no WP hook provided to enable translation in such a case (see code of ‘function wp_get_attachment_image’). However, if “Alternative Text” is filled with non-empty value, then it is shown translated and correctly. We could only re-implement the WP algorithm to be run for the second time under filter ‘wp_get_attachment_image_attributes’ with translation, which would hurt performance a little bit. If this is a real problem for you, let us know, we can put it in as an option, or submit pull request with your version of implementation. [WP topic]
  • Page `/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=category`: if default language name of new category/tag is empty, nothing gets added.

You may also review the list of Former Known Issues, resolved by now.