Plugins Known to Need Integration

Below is the list of some plugins, which are reported to need an integration.

Please, understand that qTranslate-X is driven by a community of its users. Do not hesitate to choose a problem, to solve it and to submit a pull request at GitHub.

Recently made compatible:

Please, report other plugins that fit this list.


3 thoughts on “Plugins Known to Need Integration

  1. Hello, am wanting to purchase the wp theme “Mentalpress” which uses Page Builder by Site Origin… however I also need a language switcher & was hoping to use qTranslate, which I have used happily on other sites. Unfortunately i see here the comment.. TinyMCE issue, works in Single Language Editor Mode… what does that mean? i.e. if I do not use TinyMCE will qTranslate work? & yes… what can I use instead of TinyMCE? Thanks much


    1. SiteOrigin’s Builder is fully compatible at front end, and requires to make all textual entries in Raw ML format on admin side, as far as we are aware. It is not a TinyMCE issue as it was originally reported. LSB need to be enabled on SiteOrigin’s panels in order to integrate the plugin in full. We do not think this should stop you from getting the theme, which satisfies all your needs in all other aspects, since things get constantly improved and this plugin will be fully integrated some day, just like Fusion Core has been recently. Meanwhile you would simply need to use Raw ML format, which some people even prefer to use instead of LSB.


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