Donate to qTranslate-X Team Now

Plugin qTranslate-X is free of charge to be installed and to be used, but that does not generally mean that you have to pay nothing, if you use the plugin on permanent basis. The GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE states:

“When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom, not price.”

Yes, we are giving our users freedom to view the code in order to understand how it works, freedom to share it, freedom to make changes, freedom to suggest and to discuss new features, and, most importantly, the freedom to pay as little money as one can afford.

The quality of the plugin and its maintenance will not be sustainable without your donations. Think that, if every user donate as little as $5 per year, this would be enough for qTranslate Team members to quit their daytime jobs, to be able to dedicate their time to plugin support and plugin improvements only.

Globalization and continuous technology breakthrough suggest us to re-define normal customer-business relationship. Here, we set up a social experiment on an alternative way to run a project (to avoid word “business”).

We do not want to get into ‘deviously’ designed premium payable features. We do not wish to force our users to pay a locked-in specific amount for some desirable features. Instead, we rely on people conscious to pay as much a as they painlessly can without having a bad feeling. For a commercial site, which generates about $100K income per month, a $100 monthly donation would probably be negligibly affordable and fair. On other hand, for a little bilingual site, author of which simply wants to have its content to be also available in one of the international languages, $5 a year would probably be affordable without pain. You also have a choice to pay nothing now, if you are currently out of money. We believe you will make a donation later when things are better for you, while now you may contribute to the plugin promotion with a 5-star review or some other way.

If you wish to participate and to support this social experiment, please set up a painlessly small for you recurring donation at our PayPal account. PayPal service have a default option for monthly recurring payment, but you may tune it to pay quarterly or yearly within your account online dashboard.

Thank you very much for using WordPress plugin qTranslate-X.

Please, take 10 minutes of your time now to make a donation, and preferably set it up to be recurrent.

Donate to qTranslate-X Team Now


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