Desirable Unimplemented Features

Please, understand that qTranslate-X is driven by a community of its users. Do not hesitate to choose a problem, to solve it and to submit a pull request at GitHub.

  • Copy content from other language [WP Topic].
  • Disable a language at front-end, while it is being populated [WP Topic].
  • Make category and tag lists on post editing page to respond to LSB. Currently they are shown in admin language.
  • Media Library: more fields to be translated
  • Integrate functionality of tool “Press This” [Issue #380]
  • Ability to hide a widget for a specific language [Topic #415]
  • Hide a category for a specific language, mostly applicable to products. [WP Topic]
  • Reorder Menu items Right-To-Left for a specific language.
  • Assign different order of languages as defined on admin page depending on active language. This affects language switching menu, widget and all places where languages need to be listed in some order.
  • Keep url hash when switching languages [WP Topic].
  • Being able to use different menu items for different languages [WP Topic].
  • Menu language switcher without dropdown, but showing all flags at the same menu level.
  • Menu language switcher only to show languages into which that page is translated [Issue #303].
  • Disable a language at front end. It would be useful when a new language is being populated and is not quite yet ready to be shown to users.
  • Language Switching Widget’s dropdown with flags and text: WP Topic.
  • Store user language in user profile to be used on cron e-mail notifications and things like that [WP Topic].
  • Restrict editors access (feature of mqTranslate) [WP Topic].
  • “Quick Edit” action in category or tag list pages will update the default language only.
  • Use a custom HTML code to embrace translated texts, which is customized depending on the active language [WP Topic].
  • If a language was switched on a page or post, but no edits were done, browser sometimes still complains about page changes, when leaving page.
  • Implement options to clean up the database on plugin deactivation.
  • Implement option to erase a specific language data from all posts when the language is disabled.
  • Enhanced Quicktags [:en :de :XX] [QTX Topic].
  • Recover or implement functionality of plugin “qTranslate Separate Comments“.
  • Multilanguage editing at front end.

To vote for some feature to be implemented sooner, submit your opinion in the WP topic linked or open a new topic at Support Forum.

Former Desirable Features Recently Implemented

  • [Version]Instead of having flags to show in the language menu chooser, we could have letters.
  • [Version 3.4.6] Language names in other languages  [WP Topic], [Issue #264].
  • [Version 3.4] prev/next_post_link return links to articles without translation [WP Topic].
  • [Version 3.3] Special language tag to retrieve multilingual feed [Issue #133].
  • [Version 3.3] Query argument ‘qtranslate-mode=raw’ to retrieve a page without translation: [issue #133].
  • [Version 3.3] Title of Language Menu should be taken from ‘Navigation Label’ of menu configuration [WP Topic].
  • [Version 3.3] Disable qTranslate-X for specific custom post [WP Topic] and [WP Topic].
  • [Version 3.3] On the first installation: choose the current admin language to be the default one, instead of always English.
  • Options “Head inline CSS”, “Cookie Settings”, “Translation of options”.
  • Multiple sets of Language Switching Buttons per page.
  • Option “Hide Title Colon” for widget “qTanslate Language Chooser”.
  • HTML class `qtranxs-translatable` is introduced to distinct all translatable fields.
  • Closing tag `[:]` for square bracket language encoding mode is introduced along with options to convert database to/from square bracket only mode.
  • New language encoding mode ‘byline’, particularly needed for Woocommerce integration.
  • Editing of menu item description on page /wp-admin/nav-menus.php.
  • Hooks for integration with other plugins.
  • Add ability to put Language Switching Buttons on other editors besides, post, pages and taxonomies.
  • Full screen editor mode does not have language switch buttons (not applicable in WP 4.1 any more).

To request a new feature, open a topic at Support Forum or contact us.