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Please, use qTranslate-X Support Forum for general community help of “How to” kind. Do not use standard WordPress Forum – the authors do not watch it.

This form is for bug reporting, feature suggestions, paid support or integration requesting, and translator contacts only.

When contacting us for any reason, please make sure to include detailed step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the problem, preferably under one of the standard themes with the minimum number of active plugins.

If you report a bug, it is the best to make a test-copy of your site (files + database) and provide us with an admin login, to speed up the troubleshooting process. You may find useful WordPress backup instructions. There is a number of WordPress plugins, which may help to create a test-copy of a site, see, for example, plugin Duplicator. Such a test-copy is always handy to have to troubleshoot any issues, which you may encounter in the future as well.

Translators may find useful “Guide to Plugin Translation“, stored on wiki pages at GitHub.

For the questions like “How do I do …”, please use our Support Forum or the standard wordpress forum for qTranslate-X. Those kind of questions will receive the lowest priority here and may never be answered, unless you make a sizable donation.

Thank you very much for using qTranslate-X.

  • Please, open GitHub Issue instead of using this form, unless you wish to send us some private information. It is much easier to track issue at GitHub, and you may also benefit from other people inputs.

  • Please, describe the result of initial troubleshooting in your report. Reports without mentioning troubleshooting steps already taken will be ignored, unless a paid help is requested.

Do not forget to provide a link to a topic at qTranslate-X Support Forum or standard WordPress Forum, if there already is one.