Admin Access to Troubleshoot a Problem

When troubleshooting runs into a dead end, when you still have a problem and we cannot reproduce it on our servers, sometimes, the only way to continue troubleshooting is to give us an admin access to your site including access to the files and error logs at the server. There is a number of security issues raised this way. In order not to deal with the possible bad consequences, WordPress does not recommend anyone to give an admin access to your private site:

Once you understand the risk, you may still proceed with giving us the access, preferably to a test-copy of the site with a separate FTP access to the file system. Many people, who gave us access, were happy afterwards. We, naturally, take an obligation not to use the access given in any way other than helping you. Your private information will never be shared with anyone outside of the team either.

Alternatively, you may make a copy of your site with plugin like Duplicator, and upload it to somewhere like dropbox for us to be able to download it. Plugin WP Clone by WP Academy has a way to store the copy of your site on your server and give us an encrypted link to download it. Use your favorite backup plugin, there are many.

If you decide to give us access or to upload a copy, please use the “Contact Us” form or private message at Dedicated qTranslate Forum to let us know all the relevant details, including links to the all other places where the problem has already been discussed.


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