Release Notes 3.4

Release date is July 7, 2015.

Version 3.4 fixes a few bugs reported recently, which means that new bugs may appear – do not forget to make a reasonable backup before upgrading. Of course, please report a problem if you find one.

The complete list of changes is available in Changelog and is not repeated here, rather just a few main things are highlighted below.

New Options and Features

  • This release is concentrated on finalizing Integration Framework. The whole qTranslate-X’s configuration is now loaded from a JSON-encoded file i18n-config.json, which may be customized as desired. Developers of themes and plugins can now provide an integration file with their distribution, which will be auto-loaded into qTranslate-X on a plugin activation. One may also provide any additional custom configuration file via option “Configuration Files” on “Integration” tab. Option “Custom Configuration” is a convenience shortcut, which also allows to provide additional custom configuration. Please, review Integration Guide for more details.
  • There is a new meta-box named “Language”, which contains a set of Language Switching Buttons (LSB). The meta-box, as any other meta-box, can be placed anywhere on the screen (/wp-admin/post.php). You may find new LSB meta-box useful, if you have a lot of stuff on the screen. Extra set of LSB placed right at the tips of your fingers may significantly reduce amount of page scrolling you would have to do otherwise. You may also turn LSB meta-box off, as any other meta-box, if you do not need extra set of LSB.

The things to get confused about

  • The default position of LSB (Language Switching Buttons) is changed at HTML level, although you may not notice a visual difference on the first set. By default, there are now two LSB sets on a standard post page, one above the title and other below the main editor area. If a 3rd-party plugin adds additional set, it may get next to the default one, which would look excessively, but there is nothing actually wrong, it all is still functioning. You may customize the json configuration to remove one of the excessive sets, if really desired, or simply wait for other plugin to update their code.
  • There are reports that QTranslate Slug works much better after its last update. However, it is still not native to qTranslate-X and we have not tested it much. If something goes wrong, the first thing to try is to turn off QTranslate Slug.
  • Locale for Japanese language has been changed from ‘jp_JP’ to ‘jp’ to match the one that WordPress uses.

You may find helpful to review the list of Former Known Issues Resolved and the list of Known Issues still existing, although many problems, resolved quickly enough, were never recorded in the list of Known Issues.

Please, enjoy the new features of version 3.4, and do not hesitate to report a problem, if you encounter one.